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About Juniors for Juniors

Juniors for Juniors is a registered non-profit foundation based in Waterford, Ireland. Our primary mission is to improve the lives of children and their families facing difficult times, offering solace wherever possible.

We want to encourage entire communities to embrace the imagination, energy, optimism and inherent kindness of children — helping make the world a much brighter place for the people in it. Following the example that children set, we believe that so many more people can benefit from the acts of kindness that we see children practise every day, but don’t always engage in ourselves.

By embracing our children’s desire to help, our fundraisers have the potential to reach much further than campaigns and events where an adult-only perspective is present. Seeing the world through a child’s eyes doesn’t mean regressing as adults, it just means adding some goodwill, selflessness, and a little bit of magic back into the world.

Currently, Juniors for Juniors is focused on providing support to young patients and their families at University Hospital Waterford through a series of fun and exciting campaigns. Moving forward, we aim to expand this reach and continue to touch the lives of as many  extraordinary individuals as we can. Not everyone gets to choose the life they live, but the people who do have the great privilege of
helping others 

For Kids

If you’d like to do something really special for some really special young people, there are plenty of ways to help out! All you need to do is tell a parent, guardian, teacher or club leader to visit the Juniors for Juniors website and help you raise money for other kids in need/ No amount of money raised is too small, so whether you host a variety show or just bake some cakes — you’ll be helping out so many people with your kindness!
Joe Daly
Joe DalyCo-Founder and Director
“My three children are the pride of my life, and now that they’re reared and I get to watch my amazing grandchildren live healthy and diverse lives — it’s time to fulfil a promise to give back through Juniors for Juniors”.

Having tried to raise funds for some years through the concept of junior golfers raising funds for other, less fortunate juniors (and then experiencing
the interruption of a quadruple bi-pass) — Joe has finally found some incredible co-founders for the Juniors for Juniors Foundation. Joe is committed to using his experience and network of business contacts in the southeast and beyond to help more children and young people raise funds and bring joy to those who need it.

With a second career as a lecturer in SETU, the energy and enthusiasm of young people never ceases to amaze Joe. “It’s incredible to see the commitment they have to each other and those less fortunate than themselves”.
Emer Kelly
Emer KellyCo-Founder, Director and Secretary
Emer has been involved in supporting local  communities for many years through individual contribution and CSR projects in the corporate domain. Emer aims to use her knowledge and experience in business to help the dreams of the foundation become a reality.

“It is paramount to give back when you can. It is important to help those in need when they are at their most vulnerable. Children are at the mercy of others and anything we can do to help them can make a big difference.”
Janet O’Neill
Janet O’NeillCo-Founder and Family Liaison
Janet is a member of the Student Life and Learning team in SETU. She is a
mother of two boys, Ryan, age 12 and Robbie age 9. Janet, Keith and their two boys have been involved in raising awareness and funds for childhood cancer charities since their son Robbie was diagnosed with cancer in 2013 when he was only 8 months old.

Robbie received his cancer treatment in Crumlin and in France, but also received shared care in the paediatric oncology room in University Hospital Waterford (UHW). After working with the Childhood Cancer Foundation Ireland on improvements to the paediatric oncology rooms in UHW, Janet said:

“After seeing the improvements made to the Oncology rooms on the paediatric ward in UHW by Childhood Cancer Foundation Ireland, Cartamundi Fundraising Committee, CF Ireland and other charities — I couldn’t help but think we really need to do something to make improvements to all the rooms on the ward”.

Janet and her family feel passionate about making things better for the children and their families when they are sick because they know what lonely and isolating places hospitals can be.

 “If we can make their stay a little brighter or a little more comfortable, then we definitely want to do everything we can to help”
Isobel Flynn
Isobel FlynnCo-Founder and Hospital Liaison
Isobel is a member of staff in the SETU School of Nursing. She previously worked on the Paediatric ward at UHW, where she had the privilege of caring for a wide range of extraordinary children and their families for many years.

She has witnessed first-hand how difficult and stressful hospital stays can be for everyone. From her time on the front line, she has been inspired to commit her time to supporting the ward. This involves improving the equipment and surroundings for everyone that uses this vital service, as well as the hardworking staff that facilitate it. 

“I am delighted to be a co-founder of Juniors for Juniors. The paediatric ward is a truly amazing place that provides a great service for so many children in the South East. We hope to make their journey through the ward setting a little bit easier by fundraising for the very best, up-to-date equipment and facilities, at a time when these children and their families need it most. This is a great opportunity for the community to support their local paediatric unit.”
Ray Leahy
Ray LeahyCo-Founder & Web Guy

Ray is the co-owner of, a website development company in Waterford city. He loves creating websites for large and small companies and likes to keep them as simple and intuitive to use as possible, balancing functionality and appealing aesthetics.

"I’ve always enjoyed giving back to the community and have been involved in fund raising charity work for more than 35 years with different organizations. When Joe asked me to get involved with Juniors for juniors, I jumped at it and see it as an exciting opportunity to make a difference to some of our most vulnerable kids in our community. I wish children didn’t have be in hospital, but if they have too, their stay there should be as comfortable as we can make it, that’s where Juniors for juniors can make a difference."

When he's not in front of computers, you'll find him with his kids and their dog Coco enjoying the diversity and excitement that Waterford County has to offer, kayaking, running, cycling, mountain biking or hill walking and his camera won’t be far away.

If our team has inspired you to get involved, we’d love to tell you how!