Here's some of the events people are doing to raise money for juniors4juniors.

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Harry's Game

This is the story of Harry Gunnip - our incredibly brave, funny, kind and sport mad son!

In October 2018 our world was turned upside-down when Harry, who was just five at the time, was diagnosed with ALL = Acute Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. ALL is a childhood cancer that affects about 30 kids in Ireland every year.  Read More
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Teddy Bear's Picnic

The Teddy Bear’s Picnic event is our first official event!  We are very proud to invite you to participate.
Take a look at some of the wonderful picnics that people have been holding here.
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Renaming of the Ward

One of our key upcoming initiatives which is to be rolled out over the coming weeks is the renaming of the Children’s ward at UHW.
A child’s experience in hospital is often a daunting and unpleasant time for both the children and the parents and very often they are missing the comfort of their own surroundings.
Patient care is the top priority over at the children’s ward at UHW and not far behind it is the child’s overall experience. The ultimate aim for the team at UHW and Jr4JR is to make the hospital stay as welcoming and child friendly as possible so to get the ball rolling on this one, we need your help in renaming the children’s ward.
The aim of this initiative is to rename the ward to positively influence the overall experience. We want the children to feel like they are on an adventure and not just checking in for their usual hospital appointment. Hospital stays can be a daunting time for children but with small changes we are hoping to minimize the medical, mundane and intimidating association children have with these visits.
That is why we need your help – Adults and children alike in renaming the children’s ward.
Think of these kids as little Vikings, mini superheroes – STRONG, RESILIENT and BRAVE.
As a mini Viking or superhero – what’s the name of the Viking or superhero camp you’d like to check into, to put up a strong fight?
Keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram for the launch of this campaign – COMING SOON!

Where do the funds go?

Juniors for Juniors is a foundation that raise funds and directly give it to the Children’s Ward at University Hospital Waterford. When a child is admitted as a patient to hospital it is very stressful for all involved. The parents may have never put their child into another bed or been away from them at night. The child will need to feel as comfortable and safe as possible under the circumstances. Therefore, our main goal for 2021 is to buy brand new comfortable and modern cots and beds for the children to give them a little bit of home from home comfort during their hospital stay